Coaching as an Example

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The most important thing any person can do is show another how to do what needs to be done or how to live a life that matters and has purpose. A life coach can guide those who are lost, but the best way they can help is if the show those whom they are guiding by giving a good example of how it is supposed to be done.
Leaders, life coaches or mentors can always tell their subordinates, clients or mentees how things should be done, but if they are not doing it themselves it will fall on deaf ears. I was always told by my father, “do as I say and not as I do”. I actually listened to him, but I lost respect for him because he kept doing what I know he shouldn’t.
I was the exception to the rule, as most individuals usually follow exactly what their parents do good or bad. The goal is to always strive to set the good example for those around you so they can continue what you have started and create a better world.

   One fine day two Crabs came out from their home to take a stroll
on the sand. “Child,” said the mother, “you are walking very
ungracefully. You should accustom yourself to walking straight forward
without twisting from side to side.”
  “Pray, mother,” said the young one, “do but set the example
yourself, and I will follow you.”

                    Example is the best guidance.

                               THE END

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